Friday, January 19, 2018

***NEW Small Neon Big Message

We need to recognize, Neon Signs are not just only for advertising anymore.
Our New line of "Neon For Home Design" and "Small Neon Big Message" ,will show you different ways to express yourself and add to your home, a clear message on how you connect with words.
Check into our many, alternatives or just send us en e-mail to, with your thoughts.We can make your idea into "Neon" reality.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Art Deco Marquee Neon Signs !

We are proud to present our newest vintage style neon art with our line of Art Deco neon signs! These are modeled after the unmistakable old fashioned diner and movie marquee neon signs. They are a wonder to behold with their clean painted steel finish, chrome accents and tiered style appearance. Our wide selection of these Art Deco inspired signs is impressive, and all are engineered with top notch craftsmanship and quality. These signs stand out as a tribute to older style neon signs, and are perfect for those who remember the good old days and have a deep nostalgia for a simpler time.
  • Measures: 39" Wide x 28" Tall x 7" Deep
  • Easy assembly with a screwdriver is required to attach the top tier into the bottom section. Instructions and all necessary parts are included. Equipped with two I-holes in the back of the unit for easy hanging.)
  • Standard 110 volt neon transformer.
  • Indoor use only

Saturday, September 16, 2017

New Custom LED Flex Neon Signs available !

As an alternative to Neon Signs, we can offer another approach to be able to spread your message, logo or idea. LED Flex Neon, is made of a plastic polymer, capable of transmitting light and flexible enough to integrate many organic lighting applications. LED Flex Neon consist of LEDs encased within a PVC protective casing. This shape allows for the even disbursement of light and produces a consistent light effect similar as traditional glass neon fixtures. LED Flex Neon, is a product that simulates the effect and look on traditional glass Neon Signs, adding also an impact resistant feature. Available Colors are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, and Pink This product represents a reliable and versatile alternative for Applications looking for an exposed neon effect using regular 110V outlet. The LED Flex Neon product is suitable for wet locations and can withstand extreme temperatures. LED Flex Neon can be used for indoor or outdoor applications! . Let our designer team find the perfect solution for your idea. We can customize any logo,message, or text. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Flashing Neon Signs !

Designing your store for it to appear encouraging so people will buy from you is now an easy step away. In starting a business, of course, we consider advertising and promotions very important. These are the most influencing tools in gaining costumers and increasing product sales. What could be the most informative reminder and persuading technique in the market today? With the many same businesses outside, how can one stand out?

Stop torturing your brain cells because you are about to discover the most effective advertising. Neon Flashing Signs - this could bring guests to your list unexpectedly, and they will, you might even have to extend or branch out in the future. Let us just dig a little deeper about Neon Flashing Signs. How do they really work? Technically speaking, it is inserting and removing chargeable fiber optic pegs and programming messages on the programmable LED electronic displays with a wireless remote control. This gives the capability to create neon-like, high intensity, light signs and create unique signs to your specifications that you can design and change anytime you want. Some are oval style neon sign with flashing motion which is very bright and could really catch your customer's eye. These flashing signs also have a on/off flasher option.

Want more?Flashing LED sign also offers high quality which makes it definitely perfect for business. Try going out tonight and you will see that these bright cool flashing signs are indeed attractive. Party goers who are out on a Saturday nights will not miss the captivating flashing neon signs in various commercial establishments, be it a fine dining restaurant or a drive thru food chain. The bright lights sure draw attention to your store, and of course to your products and services.

Create an irresistible urge for your buyers to say yes to your offers. Pay attention to what your market wants, and they will pay you a great deal.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Capture customers with Neon Signs

Giving away flyers, having a sale, and advertising on the net and radio; these are the common advertising schemes of most businesses to attract customers. But with all those businesses doing the same thing repeatedly, these strategies seem to have little or no effect to the targeted clients at all. Everyone seems to ignore those mundane advertisements on the radio as well as on the internet, people never bothered to read what's on the flyers, and most of the time they also ignore price cut-offs. What's the point, everyone's cutting off prices.

To aid these problems, entrepreneurs frequently resort to massive efforts and expenditures just to attract customers; such as consulting advertising firms and agencies. Oftentimes, these efforts are unnecessary, and the problems these efforts aid can also be solved by some basic, simple, and inexpensive marketing strategies. For example, instead of giving away flyers and hanging banners announcing a midyear sale, you can opt for a better advertising strategy like putting up a customized neon sign announcing a sale. You'll see that putting up a neon sign cuts costs for flyer and banner designing, printing, and distribution.

Furthermore, unlike banners that deteriorate and flyers that rot over a period of time, a neon sign is very durable that it can be used over and over again for years. Another thing that a neon sign offers is that it effectively catches the attention of the people passing by, it makes your establishment more conspicuous compare to the others. Those vivid colors and flashing lights can already be seen hundreds of meters away. They're simply hard to miss.

As we all know, in business being unique and getting noticed are the two most important things next to having good service and quality products. And neon signs are the way to go in accomplishing this two tasks. It effectively and efficiently catches the attention of everyone within sight, and also it sets a unique impression on you establishment making it stand-out from your competitors. Put up a neon sign today, and watch your sales go off the charts.

Friday, May 5, 2017


As a special thank you to our customers, we are offering 10% off anything in our store for the month of May. Just enter the coupon code MAY17 in the coupon box at checkout for an additional 10% off your order. We appreciate your business and realize that without you, we are nothing. If you are in need of a neon sign for your bar, lake house, business or event, this is a perfect month to make it happen. We can also create the perfect custom neon sign for any occasion. Since 1985 we have been creating quality neon signs that last. Give us a chance to be your neon sign manufacturer. From 1 single sign to 10,000 signs, we can help. Call us today! 800-928-6008

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Neon Signs are still Mainstream

The warm glow of genuine neon can change the mood in just about any venue. From a small home bar to a large corporate event, neon signs make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy and the glow looks awesome from near or far. This is why neon signs are still the best option for signage for smaller applications. There are thousands of signs to choose from but if you really want pizzazz then its time to look at doing a completely custom neon sign. A custom neon represents you, your company or your brand and its something no one else in the world will have. When you need neon signage, you found the right place. Give us a call, we can help.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Custom Neon Signs - Largest Neon Sign Manufacturer in the US!

We are the oldest and largest neon sign manufacturer in the United States. We can create absolutely any custom neon sign you can dream up. If you only need 1 custom sign or you need 10,000 custom neon signs, we have you covered. We use the best materials money can buy. From 12 gauge GTO wire, to extra thick 12mm neon tubing to UL listed transformers, we create totally custom neon signs that will last you a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Neon Transformers Unveiled

Replacing Transformers on Custom Neon Signs
When it comes to transformers, most people are completely lost. If your neon sign stops working, works sometimes and cuts off, smells like burning, gets overheated or only lights up part of the sign, it just may be that its time to replace your neon transformer. Neon transformers are much like batteries. They go bad over time and you will need to replace your neon power supply every 2-5 years depending on power, surges and general usage. When its time replace that transformer on your neon sign, you merely need to match the output of your existing power supply or get a bigger one. Neon power supplies are self adjusting which means that the power supply will push as much power as your sign actually needs. So getting a bigger power supply in some cases is not a bad idea at all. Once you receive your replacement unit, its just a matter of reverse engineering the existing unit. The hardest part is removing the rubber boots. Those will be generally hard and sometimes brittle. The easiest way to do this removal is to heat them up with a hair dryer or heat gun. Get that rubber warm as possible and slowly wiggle the rubber boots off the sign. Once removed, just untwist the wires and wire in your new transformer. Simple and easy.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Its all about Custom!

Custom Neon Signs are what we do and we do it every day and we do it extremely well! Be it for your home or office or for a corporate event, we can handle all your custom neon sign needs. We can do 1 or we can do 5000! It does not matter because we are the nations largest neon manufacturer and have been producing quality neon signs since 1985!